Client-Server Connections

The client-server model is the relationship between two computers in which one, the client, makes a service request from another, the server. The key point about a client-server model is that the client is dependent on the server to provide and manage the information. Two clients cannot operate and communicate between each other with a client-server setup unless they use the server as a communication middle-man.

Websites are stored on web servers. Clients communicate with them, using web browsers, by sending requests through packets. A website is split into two parts - the web application front-end and the web server back-end.

Peer to Peer Connections

Peer to peer, or P2P, is basically just clients communicating between themselves. This means no server strain, but also makes it very difficult to centralise information in one spot. Each client can distribute files to other clients very easily, rather than relying on the server to do anything. The system can function without worrying about a server crashing or going down.

The Bits That Come Up On 6 Mark Questions

Basically, memorise these.





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