What is Encryption?

  • This is a method of scrambling data to make it unreadable to any unauthorised user.

  • Encryption needs a key to decrypt the data at the receiving end

  • It is never truly random as it will always need a key to decrypt at the receiving end which exposes a weakness.


  • This is the most basic form of wireless encryption and can be decrypted and hacked easily.

  • WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy used to provide a WLAN with a level of security and privacy

  • It is usually a brute force attack using an MD5 conversion.



  • This is the second basic form of encryption which takes a bit more work to access.

  • WPA uses a three way handshake using TCP/IP which requires messages to be sent between the computer and access point to establish a secure connection



  • This type of security used to be unbreakable however there is now a Krack attack which has exposed weaknesses in this type of security making it now very easy to break into this type of security.

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