RFID Readers

RFID chips or Radio Interface Identification chips are used to read data without any physical contact being made. A good example of where this system is used is the Oyster Card system in London.


  1. The card is placed above a reader and the magnetic field created by the reader and the magnetic field produced by the reader creates a current in the card’s circuitry.
  1. This current powers a small radio transmitter that transmits a radio wave with the details about the card to the reader
  1. If the details of the card are legitimate (checked on database) then it lets the person though the gate



Can be read without physical contact

Easy to be read remotely so thieves could steal your information.

Fast way to pay for things

Having multiple RFID cards could cause interference and as such no card would be able to be read.

Source: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/A-level_Computing/AQA/Print_version/Unit_2#RFID_reader

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